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InPods isn’t just another product. InPods is a learning platform to manage the entire life-cycle of Outcome – Based Education (OBE) & Skill – Based Training.


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InPods believes learning happens beyond the classroom. InPods, a cloud-based learning platform can be accessed easily using any device like personal computers, tablets and mobile phones. Students can access their learning materials, complete their assignments and track their progress anytime and anywhere through their devices. This feature ensures that the classroom is extended beyond the campus anytime, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

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Ms Renu BhargavaMs Renu BhargavaDirector Indira School of Business Studies
We have been using Inpods platform from 2013. Recently we have applied for NBA and find Inpods OBE platform very useful to implement OBE and for NBA accreditation
Dr Jyoti JagasiaDr Jyoti JagasiaSPJIMR
We have been using Inpods cloud platform since 2013 and find it useful to implement blended learning for our PGDM - Executive Program
Dr. P KhandekarDr. P KhandekarDean - Planning & Development, VIIT
InPods provides the complete solution to the outcome-based education (OBE) system through the entire range of functions aligned with all leading accreditation bodies. InPods platform enhances learning through innovative pedagogies like flipped classrooms and blended learning. InPods also helps to combine the inputs from the different stakeholders in order to plan and achieve educational objectives.
Dr. Jasma BDr. Jasma BProfessor, Atria Institute of Technology
As a practitioner, I believe that we need to spend the least amount of time in conducting examinations, reduce the workload related to evaluating performance and calculating course outcomes. InPods as an ICT Platform has helped me save 75% of my time on these activities which I now use for my research work.
Dr. Krishna Vedula Dr. Krishna Vedula Founder and ED, IUCEE
InPods is very user-friendly and has a lot features such as OBE which are relevant to the needs in India. IUCEE has been using InPods for the past year for delivering IUCEE courses and we are very happy with it. Along with InPods we have successfully conducted several international faculty development programmes like IGIP, Project GENTLE (Global Education Network for Teaching and Learning Engineering) and Certification Program in OBE.
Dr. Mallikarjuna BabuDr. Mallikarjuna BabuPrincipal, BMS College of Engineering
The leadership and staff of InPods are extremely friendly and helpful. The team is highly responsive and adaptive to suggestions provided to improve the platform. As a part of the Centre for Engineering Excellence in collaboration with IUCEE and InPods, I have found InPods being committed to the cause of making a change in the education sphere through various workshops conducted from time-to-time to implement the true spirit of outcomes-based education
Dr.Avinash KharatDr.Avinash KharatDirector, Academics JSPM Group
In order to get instant information on the outcome of learning we needed a robust software as the data to be processed was huge. On reviewing the available software we found that InPods satisfied our need. Student tests and use of videos interspersed with questions is the unique feature of this software. The attainment of POs and COs are of tremendous use to the Course Coordinators and Program Coordinators to modify, update and improve learning styles of students for better outcomes. Great work by InPods team!

Dr. Jeffery NovacDr. Jeffery NovacProfessor, Pacific Northwestern University
As a course designer for the Open Course Library project(OCL), I found InPods blended-learning platform to be very effective for composing our courseware which was centered around learning outcomes and linked to a wide variety of online OER content. Powerful Analytics and collaboration capabilities of InPods helped me and my students track progress and gave me insights to improve the efficacy of my course content.
Prof. Harimohan PandeyProf. Harimohan PandeyAsst. Professor, Amity University

I have been using InPods to simplify the process of using OBE for my course. InPods covers the entire OBE framework right from Vision of the Institute to the attainment of COs, POs and PEOs.  It generates excellent reports of attainment of outcomes in real-time which is a great advantage as that helps me to take corrective action immediately.  In addition, InPods supports the survey creation which is a great source of collecting the inputs from my students.

Prof. Arati PhadkeProf. Arati PhadkeProfessor, K G Somiya College of Engineering
With the use of Hot Spot Analytics, I was able to quickly track the most common misconceptions. This helped me track the attainment of course outcomes.
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