Discover InPods

InPods is a cloud based learning platform for better outcomes.


InPods provides a well-integrated suite of learning solutions optimized for the delivery of outcomes-focused and competency-based education. InPods provides Program Design Environment, Digital Learning Environment, Outcomes Analytics and Reporting services, and Content Service for educational institutes and competency development centers.

Are you ready to design, deliver and improve your outcome-based education (OBE) programs?

InPods Learning Platform and its suite of seamlessly integrated learning solutions are used by top educational institutions and skill-based training providers to manage the entire life-cycle of their outcomes-based programs. InPods helps them design programs and curriculums, map learning activities and assets to the desired learning outcomes, deliver innovative learning experiences, perform outcome gap analysis, and enable improvement of the defined outcomes. InPods platform plays a strategic role in implementing the continuous improvement process.

Are you interested in providing personalized, adaptive and social learning experiences?

InPods cloud-based learning environment is used by leading institutes to provide personalized, adaptive and collaborative learning experiences. Powerful learning analytics capabilities are leveraged to improve the teaching and learning process, enable purposeful self-learning anytime, at any place from any device, and provide timely intervention opportunities for the teachers to improve student outcomes.

Is job readiness, skill development and competency-based education a priority for you?

InPods partners with various content publishers and skill-based training providers to offer online course catalog. Students can subscribe to this content as a service to achieve academic excellence and develop their competencies and skills to improve their job readiness.

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