InPods at ICTIEE 2016 Conference

The 3rd International Conference on Transformation in Engineering was held from January 9th to 12th 2015 at Pune. The conference hosted various top dignitaries from the education fraternity from various top universities across the globe. There were series of paper presentations, keynote addresses, plenary sessions and panel discussions.

InPods, as the Gold sponsors for this conference, conducted a workshop on how InPods platform not only helps college lay Strong Foundation for Outcomes-based Accreditation but also helps engage in Sustainable Continuous Process Improvement for Programs by continuous improvement. This workshop covered the importance of OBE as an educational approach to reap the deeper benefits of implementing the practice. Dr. NJ Rao (Advisory board member of NBA), Dr. Kanmani (BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore) and Dr. Prasad Khandekar (VIIT, Pune) presented their views through several best practices and case studies. Participants gained in-depth knowledge in the OBE practice through the sessions which were conducted three times across the day.

Sanjay Jejurikar, CEO & Co-Founder of InPods, was a panelist on the Best Practices in Industry Academy Partnerships. He covered how the continuous improvement process involving industry partners along with academicians, to provide important inputs on Educational Strategies, Instructional Pedagogies, Curriculum, Content and Learning Experience, can reduce the current skill gap.

Sanjay Jejurikar was a panelist under a plenary session on Governance and Leadership on the 12th of January during the conference. He elucidated on the vision of InPods and why the organization in focussing on improving outcomes for the education space in India. He mentioned that 500 million skilled workers are required in coming years to sustain GDP growth and lift millions out of poverty in India according to a MHRD report and thus alignment to outcomes and evidence-based education is imperative to achieving quality output.

InPods had a demonstration booth running for all the four days for attendees to know about the features and benefits of our learning platform. Several faculty members, management representatives from institutes visited our booth to get an understanding of our platform. The key features presented during this brief interaction were well appreciated.

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