InPods launches Mobile App

InPods has recently launched a mobile app for Android OS. InPods has partnered with Microsoft’s HiveOut* app that promotes communication and collaboration among students. It offers a new way to manage information, track progress and make decisions.

Using the InPods App, teachers and students can communicate effectively even outside classrooms and learning can happen seamlessly anytime, anywhere.

*HiveOut available only for institutes on Microsoft Office 365 environment


Benefits of this app for Higher Ed Institutes:

  1. Teachers can easily share any learning content with their students
  2. Conduct quick assessments to measure the understanding level of students
  3. Make announcements to their students on any upcoming events
  4. Create discussion groups (formal & informal) easily. Create Polls, share images and documents easily among different groups.

Sneak Peek of the InPods Mobile App





For a demonstration of the mobile app, please contact InPods – Request for Demo

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