digital learning environment

With InPods, you’ll have a partner to boost your technology adoption and achieve your broader goals.




Freedom to Teach and Learn

InPods Digital Learning Environment (DLE) is a pivotal step towards a more engaging digital learning experience. With InPods DLE, faculty will have the tools to reach students any time, any place, anywhere. By using InPods DLE, faculty can tag learning and assessment assets to appropriate outcomes and Bloom’s taxonomy levels.

InPods DLE can be used by faculty to implement innovative pedagogies like flipped classroom and blended learning. It can be used to conduct online assessment.

Implementing innovative pedagogies in your classroom



  • 81% of college students find technology most helpful when doing homework and 79% while preparing for exams.
  • 82% agree that DLT allows them to spend more time studying , and 81% said it helps boost their grades while saving time.
  • 79% of college students believe digital learning technology (DLT) has impacted their grades positively.
  • 90% college students surveyed feel that constant course performance feedback through analytics would have some positive impact on their learning.
– According to McGraw-Hill Education 2016 Digital Study Trends Survey
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