enterprise talent management

Cloud-based Digital Learning Solutions to manage learning and competencies at organizations

Up Skill your Employees


InPods Enterprise Talent Management Solution is a cloud-based platform to facilitate learning among employees, no matter where they are or on which device. InpodsX, Learning platform, in colloboration with Microsoft provides Microsoft Professional Program (MPP). MPP is a collection of courses that teach skills in several core technology tracks which are aligned to specific job roles like Data Science, AI, Devops.These courses are created and taught by experts and feature quizzes, hands-on labs, and engaging communities. For each track you complete, you earn a certificate of completion from Microsoft proving that you mastered those skills.

Inpods provides you with real data and real insights about your employees’ learning, which can lead to real progress. Do you wish to know how effective is your employee training? Do employees have the right competencies for their job roles? , InPods Enterprise Talent Management Solution provides you real data to answer these critical questions. Irrespective of the different types of training (face to face or on line) InPods can measure the efficacy and provide you an employee competency report. This can be stored and searched for resource planning.



Learning Environment

InPods cloud-based platform provides a digital learning environment for learners to access content anytime, anywhere using any device. This can help with bench utilization at large scale organizations.



Competency-Tagged Assessments 

To assess the performance of the learners, the learning and development teams (L&D) at corporates can roll out assessments at various levels. These assessments can be tagged to competencies or concepts.



Competency Management

Real-time analytic reports of various competencies for all job roles can be maintained in an inventory which can be accessed for effective utilization of resources.


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