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Cloud-based Digital Learning Solutions to transform Engineering Institutes to OBE

Accreditation . Academic Performance . Employability.



Transforming a large number of Higher Ed institutes towards outcome-based education (OBE) and having an easy access to high-quality teaching aids is becoming critical for ensuring appropriate employment opportunities for young learners. National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) and University Board of Studies are focused on increasing the employability of the graduates. To make this possible, greater support in terms of digital-syllabus learning content and assessment libraries aligned with learning outcomes-assessment framework needs to be provided to all colleges affiliated to the university.

Solutions built on InPods Learning Platform are designed to address the challenges faced by hundreds of institutes under various universities by giving easy access to ICT technology and content in a consistent, sustainable, transparent and scalable manner.

Digital Syllabus

Digital-Syllabus will contain all the details of the course objectives, outcomes, links to recommended learning content resources (Text-Books/OER resources/links) and assessment plans as prescribed by the University’s Board of Studies

Curriculum-aligned Content

InPods will provide easy access to OER content and comprehensive set of curated Question Banks tagged to university defined syllabus. Interactive video content to develop soft skills like Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Reasoning will also be provided.

InPods Analytics

Real-time analytics with consolidated dashboard views into the course outcomes data of all the students across various colleges of the university can be used by the board of studies to develop data-driven action plans.

With the help of this offering Universities can easily implement ICT at colleges and ensure consistent teaching, syllabus and assessments being followed and get insightful analytics on the performance with an easy dashboard view.

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