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Cloud-based Digital Learning Solutions to transform Management-Education Institutes to OBE


Innovative pedagogy measuring evidence of learning  

Management Institutes are moving towards Outcome-based education (OBE) framework and Assurance of Learning (AOL) to assess the quality of their teaching and learning processes. Several management institutes are looking at learning data emerging out of OBE for their accreditation requirements by bodies like AACSB, NBA, WASC etc.

Learners joining management institutes either full time or part time look forward to collaborative and adaptive way of learning. In the case of learners who seek such programs (e.g. executive MBA programs) spend less than 10 hours of face to face classroom time in a week, making blended learning and peer- to peer collaboration very important for effective learning. Solutions built on InPods Learning Platform are designed to address the challenges faced by hundreds of management institutes by giving easy access to ICT technology and content in a consistent, sustainable, transparent and scalable manner.


Collaborative Learning

Learners spend more time off-campus than in the classroom, making learning collaboratively an essential element. InPods platform allows peer-to-peer or student-teacher interaction extremely easy.


Learning beyond classrooms

InPods digital learning environment will provide easy access to learning content and assessments tagged to learning outcomes. Learners can access the lessons anytime at their own convenience.

Insightful Analytics

Real-time, dynamic analytical reports will be available with faculty and learners. This helps faculty to assess the gaps in outcomes and plan for the areas of improvement. Learners can learn adaptive to improve their performance.

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