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InPods : A Leading Education Technology Provider

InPods Inc is an ed-tech company, based in Bellevue, WA, USA. InPods provides technology platform, solutions, and services to the higher-ed and training organizations committed to improve academic quality and employability outcomes. InPods is founded by a group of technologists and education professionals who are passionate about collaborating with important stakeholders of the educational institutions, engaged in:

  • Implementing outcomes-based education
  • Improving academic and curricular governance
  • Improving assessment and review processes and
  • Improving student success

InPods is focused on supporting progressive higher-ed institutions, in India, through its wholly owned Indian subsidiary, InPods India Pvt Ltd. InPods India is based in Pune and has presence in NCR, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

InPods has taken a different approach. InPods suite of solutions are built on a powerful platform designed with a data architecture suitable to capture and analyze massive amounts of outcomes data at all levels. InPods has built specific suite of applications to enable various stakeholders to tap into their rich curriculum and outcomes data repositories and accelerate their progress towards implementing their educational strategies. InPods suite of products and services help institutions engage in outcomes-focused digital transformation of their academic processes. InPods is designed to co-exist with other legacy enterprise applications like ERP and SIS etc via well-defined interfaces and professional services to integrate and customize overall solutions.

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