Learning Management System

InPods  Learning Management System (LMS) is used by program/course designers, faculty, and students as a Learning Management System (LMS) to provide an engaging learning experience. InPods DLE helps institutions implement innovative pedagogies such as Blended-Learning, Flipped-Classroom and Online learning while enabling outcomes-focused self-learning. Cloud-based InPods LMS can be configured to provision virtual classrooms for teachers to teach online and students to learn any time, from anywhere, on any device. OBE-enabled LMS allows courseware designers to map each learning experience and assessment event with appropriate competencies, learning outcomes, course-outcomes, Blooms taxonomy levels, subject areas and topics. InPods LMS is used by many universities and colleges to  enable remote teaching and learning and benefit from the auto-grading, item-analysis, automatic outcomes attainment calculations and roll-up of the outcomes-attainment data.

Top Product Benefits

  • Teaching and Learning anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Item-Analysis, Outcomes mapping, Outcomes Analysis
  • Analytics to provide intelligent student intervention and remediation
  • Auto-rollup of attainment data from narrower to broader outcomes
  • Innovative pedagogies like Flipped-Classroom, Blended Learning, Self-Learning
  • Auto-grading of online tests reducing faculty workload
  • Rubrics support for higher quality assessments
  • Auto-Scaling of capacity for Secure Online Exams for all students
  • Shared Courseware across all sections of students


Technical programs at engineering and management colleges offer professional degrees and seek accreditations like NBA or ABET for their programs. InPods LMS works well with the outcomes and performance frameworks to allow authoring of rich outcomes-mapped courseware for in-class or online delivery of content and assessments. InPods LMS supports all the prevalent types of assessments used by such programs for their continuous assessment tests and end-term exams. Secure online exam support helps colleges conduct tests without worrying about the server capacity and peak-load handling. Faculty saves hours by benefiting from auto-grading and outcomes-attainment calculations done by InPods for CO-PO attainment analysis using the mapping information and performance thresholds articulated in the framework.

Medical colleges are transitioning towards competency-based medical education and are required to implement the new CBME-curriculum. InPods LMS works well with the competency and performance framework to allow authoring of rich outcomes-mapped learning experiences and assessment tools for the delivery of learning and assessments. InPods LMS supports all the prevalent types of instruction methods and assessment methods recommended by the curriculum guidelines. InPods LMS is primed with all the departments, subject-wise competencies, certifiable procedures and skills, performance scale, and domain types. This makes it very easy for the faculty members to engage in blue-printing, lesson planning, and publishing and conducting internal/formative assessments, all the while retaining the outcomes mapping information for further analysis.

InPods LMS helps faculty identify students who need extra support in order to acquire required competencies by using outcomes-analytics support and allows faculty to assign extra work for students to engage in self-directed learning and improvement.

Health Science programs require longitudinal tracking of student competencies gathered in the clinical settings and skill-labs. InPods LMS allows faculty members to assign skill-certification related learning and assessment materials to a smaller group of students at a time. Faculty members engage in the feedback loop based on student performance observed in the lab or clinical setting using a checklist or a rubric and certify a student on that skill/competency.

Skill-based training providers with multiple centers and each center offering multiple programs have unique challenges. They have to maintain programmatic control via master courseware for multiple faculty members, scale the delivery of instructions and assessments in non-classroom settings at different centers, and analyze competency outcomes data to certify learners as well as continuously improve program quality.

InPods LMS provides secure digital access to program and course materials via digital virtual classrooms for each cohort of students and their faculty members of each enrolled batch across all the centers. InPods also automates the secure online testing using formative and summative assessments on a digital platform and harnesses all the evidences of outcomes data to engage in continuous improvement and academic governance of all the programs, and to maintain student outcome records of all the students who have graduated from these programs.

Academic Institutions offering courses and programs in arts, science and commerce fields have a large number of students per section. Providing blended-learning experiences, online-courses and conducting online tests with auto-grading and course outcomes attainment data can improve teacher’s and student’s productivity. Data generated by InPods LMS can be used by the academic leadership teams effectively for institutional assessment and accreditation processes.


Case Studies


  • We have chosen Inpods as our technology partner to implement CBME from this Academic Year onwards. We believe Inpods analytics platform will help all key stakeholders define, measure and improve student competencies
    Dr. Poornima Baliga
    Pro VC, Health Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Powerful Analytics and collaboration capabilities of InPodsLMS helped me and my students track progress. It gave me insights to improve the efficacy of my course content for the Open Course Library project (OCL).
    Dr. Jeff Novack
    Associate Professor Biomedical Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle
  • We have recently signed an MOU with Inpods to implement their Accreditation Management system. We have found leadership and staff of InPods are extremely friendly and helpful. The team is highly responsive and adaptive to suggestions provided to improve the platform
    Dr. Mallikarjuna Babu
    CEO Vardhaman Group of Institutes
  • At Seamedu, we have chosen Inpods as our technology partner to implement digitizing of our teaching-learning process. InPods Learning Management System helps our students across India get a consistent quality of lessons and assessments. The user-friendly interface of InPods has been appreciated by faculty and they are happy to see the real-time learning analytics.
    Shiva P Gupta
    MD& CEO, Seamedu
  • We have been using InPods platform from 2013. Recently we have applied for NBA and find InPods OBE platform very useful to implement OBE and for NBA accreditation
    Prof. Renu Bharghava
    Director, Indira School of Business Studies, Pune
  • Our institution wholeheartedly appreciates InPods efforts, enthusiasm and ability to continuously motivate us and acquaint us with Outcome based Education (OBE) teaching model. InPods LMS with features like Online Lessons and Assessments, have helped our faculty to improve their teaching-learning process.
    Prof. S. Zarar
    Director , ICBM-School of Business Excellence, Hyderabad
  • We have been using InPods cloud platform since 2013 and find it useful to implement blended learning for our PGDM - Executive Program.
    Dr Jyoti Jagasia
    Program Director, SPJIMR Mumbai
  • We have completed a trial of Inpods software at our Physiology department. We believe InPods analytics platform will help our University to not just measure student competencies but it also ensure we follow the OBE framework as required by NAAC
    Dr. Arun Bhagwath
    Yenepoya Medical School

Case Studies

  • Indira Group of Institutes

    Indira Group of Institutes, a premier institute in Pune, India, wanted a technology platform to enhance the teaching & learning experience for their students. The project involved integration of the Office 365 Education suite (O365) with InPods – a cloud-based learning platform for Outcomes-Based Education (OBE). Faculty members and students log in with the convenience of single sign-on and seamlessly collaborate. They bring in teaching aids and assessment content from O365 and contextualize it with their daily workflow of teaching and learning process implemented on the InPods Learning Platform. Download PDF
  • JSPM’s RS College of Engineering

    JSPMs’ Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering (RSCOE) in Pune, India has successfully managed its programs for 15 years with good results and was accredited as part of an accreditation system which was an input/output-based, as opposed to outcomes-based. After several rounds of internal reviews a primary focus on improving learning outcomes was determined to be more beneficial. The idea was to embark on such a journey informed by learning-data. It was decided to implement this change with a goal of building closed-loop system which could be guided and informed by learning outcomes data relative to stakeholder’s objectives. Download PDF
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